The Massachusetts Orthopaedic Association Political Action Committee (MOA PAC)

The Massachusetts Orthopaedic Association Political Action Committee (MOA PAC) is a non partisan, political action committee established to support those candidates who understand medical issues and support the MOA’s legislative positions.


What are you waiting for?

Your Voice Counts

It is absolutely necessary that they hear what you have to say, that they hear the voice of Orthopaedic Surgeons loud and clear.

You can reach out through the Massachusetts Orthopaedic Association Political Action Committee (MOA PAC). The MOA PAC is an effective tool that allows Orthopaedic Surgeons to support those state legislative officials who understand issues of greatest concerns to the practice of Orthopaedics. The MOA PAC evaluates the issues with thoughtful study, and then reviews the qualifications and expressed opinions of legislative leaders. We look for those who are supportive of the Orthopaedic positions on healthcare reform, medical liability reform, scope of practice and insurance contracting and reimbursement. The MOA PAC maintains relationships and develops new ones with emerging legislative leaders.


Make a Contribution Today

We need your help to continue our efforts and to work on the issues even more effectively for your future. We strongly urge you to consider making a suggested contribution of $250 or up to the limit of $500**. To donate online, using your personal credit card, click the paypal, donate here button below.

Your support and active participation will make our united voice stronger.

**State law allows any individual to contribute personally up to an aggregate of $500.00 to a particular PAC in a calendar year. Contributions to MOA PAC are not deductible for state of federal income tax purposes.



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