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Whether you are in private practice, hospital or academic employed, we are all first and foremost orthopaedic surgeons and the MOA supports your profession and practice and delivers value to its members at a low annual membership fee of $300.00 ($150.00 for first year members). Renew your entire group and receive a 10% Group Billing Discount.


The MOA - Putting Your Dues To Work For You

  • Dedicated MOA lobbyist at the State House (supported by your dues dollars) closely monitors, supports and opposes all bills that impact orthopaedic surgeons and patients including Scope Expansion, medical liability for out of state team physicians, Workers Compensation Policy and more.
  • 2018 MOA legislative bill to stop the unfair and administrative burden of private insurer’s Coordination of Benefits policy which results in clawbacks, delayed or denied reimbursements.
  • Insurance Issues – Meetings with medical directors and policy makers from major private insurers regarding Viscosupplementation policy, Coordination of Benefits policy and more. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Policy Review Work Group & Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee Representation.
  • Ensuring key Worker’s Compensation provisions previously negotiated by the MOA remain: the ability to negotiate worker’ compensation fees and continue to monitor to ensure fees for common procedures are reasonable and adequate.
  • Annual Scientific Meeting with expert speakers, Risk Management and CME credits. BE SURE TO SAVE THE DATE for 2018 Meeting on May 3, 2018 from Noon to 6:00 p.m.
  • Statewide Orthopaedic Annual Resident Forum and Paper Competition


Receive a FREE one year subscription to OrthoEvidence with your dues renewal. A global, online source for quality, evidence-based summaries by the orthopaedic medical community. Stay current with a growing library of over 3500 summaries of the highest quality research relevant to your specialty at no cost to you ($100.00 value).

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We need your help to continue our legislative work on the issues impacting medicine. With your financial support and active participation we will make our united voice stronger.

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**State law allows any individual to contribute personally up to an aggregate of $500.00 to a particular PAC in a calendar year. Contributions to MOA PAC are not deductible for state of federal income tax purposes.

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