2019 Annual Meeting Highlights


2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

Orthopaedic surgeons, physician assistants and orthopaedic residents from throughout the Commonwealth joined the MOA at its May 2nd Annual Meeting at the MA Medical Society in Waltham, MA.

Attendees heard from AAOS President, Kristy Weber, MD, on the important work of the AAOS and Ronna Wallace, MOA Lobbyist updated the members on the legislative work of the MOA and the need for MD advocacy. We were fortunate to host a former MA colleague, Dr. David Ring, now in Texas, who shared the Placebo Effects Phenomenon. Dr. Glen Ross reviewed the Challenges of Treating Young Patients with Shoulder Arthritis and then joined the panel discussion with Dr. Ring on Evaluating new techniques and treatments. CRICO Strategies’ Senior Program Director for Patient Safety, Ms. Penny Greenberg provided a comprehensive review of medical malpractice and the contributing factors and resolutions for surgeons. Rounding out the presentations was Dr. Robert Cantu sharing his expertise and years of experience and research on concussion management and prevention.

2019 moaorthofyearLongtime colleague and friend, Bruce Leslie, MD (left) presents the Orthopaedist of the Year award to Murray Goodman, MD (right) at the MOA 2019 Annual Meeting on May 2nd in Waltham, MA.

New MOA Officers Elected to Serve

MOA members in attendance at the May 2nd Annual Meeting, unanimously elected Walter Stanwood, MD, President; Bojan Zoric, MD, Vice President and; Richard Wilk, MD, Secretary/Treasurer. The officers will be joined by the current board members and newly elected board member, John Corsetti, MD, Springfield, MA, in the oversight and direction of the MOA. READ MORE.

Murray Goodman, MD Honored as 2019 Orthopaedist of the Year

The Orthopaedist of the Year award is the highest honor bestowed by the Association in recognition of distinguished service, contributions to patient care and commitment and dedication to the teaching of and practice of orthopaedics. READ MORE.

2019 Orthopaedic Resident Paper Award Recipient, Robert Parisien, MD, Boston University

2019 moaresidentpaperawardpic2019 Resident award presented to Robert Parisien, MD (right) by MOA President, Walter Stanwood, MD (left) at the MOA Annual Meeting on May 2, 2019, Waltham, MA.


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