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Important Message for MOA Members

Dear All,

As the medical community continues to navigate the pandemic and its’ impact on public health, many orthopaedic surgeons also have concerns regarding their staff and business cash flow as elective surgeries are cancelled and patient office visits are curtailed to protect patients and staff. 

The MOA is sharing the following information regarding state financial assistance available as well as other financial considerations for your practice which are outlined below.  As we all work to provide care, employ our staff and do what is right for the safety and health of patients and families, the MOA will continue to provide helpful information and timely updates to our orthopaedic community.

If you have any additional information, tips or suggestions that your practice and/or ASC is using to help mitigate the financial impact and manage patients, please forward to the MOA via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you have questions you would like to submit, we will work to find the best resource to help answer your questions and address your concerns. 

Thank you for all you are doing to continue to provide high quality orthopaedic care to patients.   

Stay well and be safe.

Walter Stanwood, MD
Massachusetts Orthopaedic Assocation


MA Assistance – State Workshare Program
State sponsored Workshare program that practices may wish to consider initiating.  This is essentially a hybrid unemployment package where the state will supplement your employees time off.  This program will offset a percentage of staff salary costs and has a number of benefits for both the employee and the employer. To review the program, click on  this link: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/workshare-information-for-employers

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